Deadlift 122kg 1x5 (NLP) Deadlift 122kg 1x5 (NLP)

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    Male, 26 y/o, 77.3kg, 172cm high, 92cm around the belly button (quoted in Brexit units).

    So I guess I'm at that stage of LP where my deadlifts feel like shit 100% of the time, lol. I film every workset, so I can verify that they don't look as hard as they feel (surprise surprise), but they do look harder each increment (and they sure feel harder each increment). So just wanted to see if there's anything egregiously wrong with them? The 5th rep always feels and looks the slowest (as expected), but the 1st rep always feels and looks the "shittiest". I don't know what I'm doing differently, or perhaps it's just psychological?

    122kg 1x5 deadlift: (I also squatted 102kg 3x5 today)

    I know I spend ages fucking around after I bend over - I have this heartburn / acid reflux thing, had it my whole life. When I bend over to grab the bar I feel it coming on/up and I simply have to wait (in the bent over position) a few seconds for it to pass. I cannot hold a reliable valsalva if my gullet is trying to hiccup at the same time. It's consistent (IE I have to do the pause every time I DL).

    I tried out hook grip for the first time ever, today. Every increment since 110kg has had me noticing my hands start to open up a bit on 5th (and 4th) reps, so I figured it was time to at least start trying it out. Tried it on all warmups to learn, felt fine, carried it on to the workset. Thumbnails certainly quite tender right after the set (as I was scrabbling the thumbs to take the tape off), but it passed in maybe 15-20 mins. Probably get worse as the weight goes up, though, eh?

    Many thanks..

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    Not bad. Resist the urge to drop your hips when you go to set the back. As soon as you shins touch the bar and you're on midfoot, the hips stay where they are.
    Lock it out with some authority. Knees back, hips to the bar, and chest up.

    Maybe you had the tape on your thumbs too tight? I'd learn to do it without tape first, since the tape can start to slip on a heavy set.
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    Your thumbs will get beat up doing hook grip but it's not so bad.
    Just watch out for the nerve that runs along the inside of the thumb. If the bar is squashing it you'll end up with a numb thumb for quite a while. I have to roll the nerve out of the way when I'm setting my grip.


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