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    here's a follow up to my last squat post: link

    felt ok but still losing balance, from what i've noticed i still struggle falling forward at the bottom, I think 3rd rep looked like I fixed it but it also felt quite tough
    i also did 160 kg sinced then that unfortunately i didn't filmed, but when i warmup and try to sit back more I feel like my weight pushing to my heels and I lose balance, so to fix this I place my back a bit more horizontal and I some how after a few reps manage to find that sweat spot.
    another thing I noticed in the last 2 workouts (felt it before just wasn't focused about it) that I have a pain on the top of my quads mainly in the last quarter of the squat around parallel and below it and I might be wrong but it feels like the pain is "pulling" me forward out of balance.

    recently squats started to become really taxing on my body, and the last 160 kg really drained me out of energy and altough I didn't failed any squat yet, I've been thinking recently if I should change my 2nd workout of the week to a light workout.
    the other option in my mind is to reset my squat to fix my form and manage the upper quads pain. Would like to hear your opinion on that.

    Deadlift: Link
    I honestly didn't even knew that my upper back is rounding, but it seems as it is consistent, should I worry?


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    Squat - a bit too much knee slide here. Keep focusing on sitting BACK, leaning over, shoving knees out. Maybe slow the descent down a little. Feel free to use the TUBOW on warm up sets and see if that helps.

    Deadlift: You are setting up with your shins on the bar, producing stiff leg deadlifts. Set up with your shins 1in from the bar to produce the proper shin angle required to keep the bar moving in a straight line of the midfoot. This will also help you get your chest up more which is the second major adjustment. You are also looking straight down. Look forward at a spot 10-15 feet in front of you
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