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    Recently I took a video so that I can verify my squat form and saw that I wasn't even reaching proper depth. Since that video was taken at an awkward angle I'm not posting that . In the next training session I decreased the weights and tried to squat to full depth.
    Here are the videos -
    But even in these videos I'm unsure about my form.

    Concerns I had after watching these videos -
    1) I see my hips are extending ( not sure if this is the right word) as I reach the bottom and the contracting when I come back up.
    2) elbow position seems too high
    3) Torso seems to be much more horizontal than required
    4) Depth

    I would really like some advice on how to correct my squat form.

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    Ditch the running shoes and get some squat shoes.

    Stand more upright at the top.

    Donít look down so excessively. Find a spot a little further away.

    Spine does something weird out of the bottom. Keep the back straight.

    Elbows too high.

    Correct these things and post another video.

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    The bar is too low on your back, which is why you're having most of the issues Sawyer pointed out.
    Wear a cotton shirt and see if you can find a bar with a center knurl so it doesn't want to slide down your back.
    Watch this on where the bar goes YouTube
    Narrow your stance to shoulder-width so depth isn't so tough.

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    Thanks, the video finally helped me understand where the spine of the scapula is .
    I tried to place just underneath the boney part that I feel behind my shoulders as mentioned in the video. Here is the video after moving the bar up - YouTube
    Sadly I wasn't able to find a bar with a centre knurl.

    My back stopped doing the weird thing at the bottom of the squat. I narrowed my stance width and found it easier to achieve depth ( I think I'm achieving proper depth in this video, but not completely sure. It will be helpful if you can confirm).

    Also a little concerned about the back angle. Is it supposed to be this bent over?

    And I wasn't able to get a weightlifting shoe as I was busy with work. Will get it in the near future.

    Any other tips/corrections will be much appreciated



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