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Thread: Where's my post!?!

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    Default Where's my post!?!

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    Don't see your post? Here's what probably got your post schwacked...

    - High squats. Posting squats above parallel will get the thread deleted. There is enough information/videos/pictures out there that proper depth is pretty black and white and is one of the first things you should learn as you endeavor to become stronger.

    - Off-topic or unrelated to lifting technique. This seems self-explanatory.

    Your video wouldn't play. We delete these posts.

    - We're certainly open to answering questions about why we teach the lifts the way we do since we know there's a lot of shit information on the internet. However, linking to articles/sites that we're not interested in pushing traffic to will get the post deleted.
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    I will delete posts that show videos of lifts in socks or barefoot. I will delete videos that post sideways or upside-down.

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