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    265x5. Been experiencing a little hip/low back pain (not quite sure - the area right below my waistband on my backside - right above my asscrack). I usually feel it after I squat, but it's not a shooting pain or anything, just bothersome. My bar path goes forward some, so I think that is most likely the problem. How can I get the path more vertical and bend over more? I want to train through the pain/soreness, but I also don't want it to become problematic. I've been eating around 3500 calories on my training days and about 3000 on my non-training, always get at least 180 grams of protein. I'm a grad student, so I'm at my desk most of the day, but I do go on a few short walks throughout the day. 6'1" (6'3" on Tinder), 205 lbs. I also get a little pain on the inner side of my right knee - though I think it seems pretty obvious that I'm not shoving my knees out hard enough.

    Rear 45 - Set 1

    Front 45 - Set 2

    Side - Set 3

    Thank you guys for any help that you can give. I've gotten a lot stronger over the past few months. I fill out my clothes, and I really agree with Mark that strength contributes significantly to manhood. However, I've been a little stalled around this point, but I think I have the potential to go much further.

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    You’re basically doing a high bar squat with a low bar bar position.

    Hips way more back at the beginning of the descent + bend over much more.

    This will probably feel really weird to you at first so try it with a lighter weight.

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    Bar looks a little high on your back. You get it low enough when you set up, but it looks like you're overshooting the spine of the scaps.
    Don't crank the elbows as high when you're getting setup and see if you can't feel the bar sit in the "groove" when you slide your back against it on the setup.

    Then, like Sawyer said, you need to lean over.

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    Yes! I just watched Nick's video on the SS channel, and the bar is definitely high on my back. I'll change that and see how it works for me. Thanks!


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