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    I have been working on my first NLP after reading Starting Strength, Practical Programming and Barbell Rx. I am currently on week 7.

    I am an ex-athlete, 25 years old at 177 lbs. and have experience lifting with a pretty good baseline of strength. However I have not ever completed a LP and did not have any experience with the low bar squat.

    I started the NLP squatting at 315# and increased weight by 5#ís until reaching somewhat of a plateau at 340#. Until this point I was lifting without proper squat shoes and also was still getting used to the low bar position. After this I reset and started back at 285# and have built up to 325# by 5# increments with now more familiarity in the low bar squat position and proper shoes.

    The biggest thing I want is to get check on form for anything that I should tighten up on, etc. as I begin to go further into the 300ís and reach a true performance plateau. I will include below a couple days of squatting with a side view and my last set of 5.

    Thanks for the help and consideration.

    (1) Side Angle, First Set, 320#


    (2) Third Set, 320#


    (1) Side Angle, First Set, 325#


    (2) Third Set, 325#


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