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    295 x 5. Gained 10 lbs on LP so far.


    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Thereís a lot going on here:

    1. Buy squat shoes.

    2. Donít bend your knees at the top.

    3. Keep your wrists straight like itís shown in the book.

    4. Set your back at the start of every rep and then keep it straight. Your upper back gets round during the rep which makes the bar roll up your back. Lift the chest instead and keep the back under tension during the whole rep.

    5. No hip drive out of the bottom. Watch several hip drive videos first to get an idea what you have to do. You lead with the chest instead of your hips.

    6. Bend your knees and hips at the same time in the beginning of every rep and lean over more + sooner.

    7. Donít wait so long after unracking. Unrack, 1 step back, take your stance, big breath, squat. Donít wiggle around forever.

    8. Bar could also be a little high on your back. Hard to tell from this angle.

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    Very helpful. Thank you


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