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    Hello everyone!

    I would like to know the opinion of Mark Rippetoe or any Starting Strength Coach about the hang power clean and the hang power snatch (perform these lifts from the jump position never placing the bar on the ground).

    I note these two partial weightlifting lifts are widely practiced by power athletes like sprinters. In particular, they mainly perform the hang power clean. The coaches and physical trainers of this class of athletes claim to choose these exercises because with them they manage to work the strenth in the most explosive way that exists by avoiding the phase of placing the bar on the ground.

    Do you think this approach is correct for the explosive strength objective pursued by sprinters and similar athletes?, or should they do power clean and power cleans and power snatch?

    A greeting from Spain

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    Read Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. It's explained in there.

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    In general, we'll use the power clean as both a light pull and to train some explosiveness (to the degree it can be trained). We like to use the most muscle, over the longest, effective ROM, to move the most weight when selecting exercises to get stronger.
    I suspect part of the reason coaches limit their athletes to the hang power clean is because it's easier to get them to not fuck it up if they cut half of the ROM out. Or maybe they just can't teach it so they rationalize using the hang version. I don't know.
    SSCs Tom DiStasio and Jared Nessland are going to be doing a Facebook live presentation next week on College S&C. Would be a good question for them.
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