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    Long time podcast/videos consumer from Germany, trying to get my squat (and the other lifts) up by myself for a long time.

    With the squat I have problems pushing through more than 280 to 310 lbs without it looking like a "good morning" again

    • I always struggle to keep the bar over mid foot. It became much better but you can still see it happening a bit I think
    • I know I am supposed to sit back even more, I can't just help not do it when it gets heavier.. I really do not know if I am missing some cue or I am just not strong enough yet.
    • I tend to lean a bit to the left (left leg is weaker) and I am not sure if this is a big problem or not. I try to correct it by thinking about sitting back extra hard on my left side when descending..

    Any insight would be appreciated. I hope the video format is ok

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    I'm not positive from the angle but that stance looks too wide. You've got a little cervical flexion going on so I would look forward 1 more foot. No belt? If you have been doing this for a long time and hitting the same walls it may be time to look into some coaching
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    I am aware of the cervical flexion, it's me trying to remember to get into that hole.. but I am overdoing it so I will try to stop that.

    I will try a more narrow stance next time. I am hoping that will make some things click.

    Thank you


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