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Thread: Squat form check with scoliosis

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    I have a slight asymmetry in my lumbar spine (right side is concave). X rays have confirmed that I have this as well as a quarter inch leg length discrepancy. I wear a shim on my right shoe. The shim has helped but It has not diminished the lateral curve in my spine. On top of all this I had my right ACL reconstructed about a year ago. I have a tendency to twist, or shift to one side while I squat. I have been working on correcting this as much as possible. I appreciate your time and any critiques or advice.

    19 years old
    5’ 8”
    Squat 275x5

    Side View: Squat side view - YouTube

    Back View: Squat back view - YouTube

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    Hi John - what kind of shoes are you wearing? It looks like your balance is slightly off during each rep. Your initial hip drive out of the hole looks good and you're pulling your hips under the bar and lifting your chest early to finish the rep.
    Also, your feet are off-set in your stance...is that on purpose because of the leg length discrepancy?

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    I can't comment on the medical issues other than to say google Lamar Gant for inspiration.

    The back view of your squat show a little knee cave on the ascent. Keep an eye on that.

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    I would buy a pair of lifting shoes and shim those. There is way too much wobble in these shoes. Technique-wise, I would try and train controlled, larger breaths instead of the rapid hyperventilating you are doing between reps. Also, you are not letting your knees get forward enough on the decent which is causing too vertical shins in the bottom and pitching your balance onto your heels. As noted knee cave is a bit of an issue, but for now I would fix the aforementioned points and push your knees out harder.
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    My feet are off stance because my right foot is actually about an inch shorter than my left (I wear two different shoe sizes) I had a leg lengthening surgery years ago. I have never had good balance on my right foot. This might be why I am struggling to keep balance over mid foot. For my stance I usually try to line my heels up. My shoes are just Nike’s and I have an arch support in them due to flat feet. I will look into getting lifting shoes.


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