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    Default Power Clean Form Check

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    This was the 3rd set of Power Cleans. Thanks in advance for your time.

    Power Clean - YouTube

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    Some suggestions:

    1) In the setup squeeze your back flatter. Just like you would for a DL.
    2) When you go to jump, keep your arms straight.
    3) At the top of your jump all your limbs (arms/legs) should be straight and you should think of getting tall with a proud chest (you are a bit hunched over at the top of the jump here).
    4) Related to #3, don't pull your knees to your chest as you start to land. This is a bit harder to fix, so focus on the first 3 initially. When you want to start working on this, think of the drill where you jump straight up in place and land with straight legs. That's more of what you want - a separation of toes from the ground and then just returning back down.
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    Thank you very much. I will work on it.


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