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    Default Deadlift form check please!

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    I am a 94 kg 23 year old male. This video is of 135kg deadlift work set. Deadlift form check - YouTube here is a link to the video.
    I notice that the right side is a bit lower than the left side, and the abs bracing might not be sufficient.
    Lastly, I get out of breath on a heavy set of 5, so as you can see I stand up and take a breath usually after the 4th rep. Is this not considered a set of fives anymore? I don't take a break as such...
    Please let me know if anything else is off?


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    Your sequence is off. Bring your shins to the bar before you set your back and then drag the bar up your legs. Right now you are combining setting your back and bringing your shins to the bar, resulting in you not setting your back and somewhat dropping your hips. That last single actually looked best.

    I didn't see anything egregious about bar speed; these moved fast. Make sure with those pads that the bar is the right height off of the ground.

    Unfortunately, yes, this didn't count as five; this was four and a single. You have to work on just plowing through and doing all five. Watch Michael Wolf pull and note the tempo he keeps when doing a set. It doesn't have to be so fast, but your goal is to keep it as even as you can. It'll slow down toward the end, but you can't take your hands off the bar and reset.

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    If you're going to pre-load the back a bit before bringing your shins to the bar, you still have to go through the step of actually setting it in extension and getting all of the slack out the bar before you initiate the pull. Get your eyes out about 10 feet away from you. Get your chest up hard to make sure the back is in extension, then start the pull.
    Loosen your belt one hole and go through the steps faster. You shouldn't be that out of breath from doing a set of five, but you're just prolonging the agony by dicking around with your grip when you're bent over between reps.

    Satch, it's not entirely wrong to start setting the back in extension before the shins come to the bar, provided it actually gets set after the shins are on the bar and before the pull, to your point. (which isn't happening here.) We'll sometimes teach people to do it his way if they're just having a hard time figuring out how to set it with the shins on the bar. I actually learned this watching Delgadillo at a seminar where he had good effect.
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    thank you coach, I will try to extend the back more


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