Squat form check _ felt a snap at 4th rep Squat form check _ felt a snap at 4th rep

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Thread: Squat form check _ felt a snap at 4th rep

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    Default Squat form check _ felt a snap at 4th rep

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    Hello this is my last working set (squat) from today..

    I felt something weird during the 4th rep (like a capsule snap in the lower back).

    Squat form check _ back hurt at 4th rep - YouTube

    It looks like I didn't pull my hip backward during the 4th rep.

    Since then my back feels hurt (like broke even if I know it's not). Is it worrysome what should I do?

    Was my form correct before that?

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    I don't see any drastic differences between reps, but there are a bunch of things to work on:

    1) You aren't standing all the way up when you take the bar out of the rack and you are walking it out without intentioned steps.
    2) Take a big breath while bearing down (tight abs) before each rep.
    3) Don't rush between reps. Make sure you do #2 each time.
    4) Your lean over is a bit inconsistent largely because you are stay leaned over from the walkout and never stand up all the way. This is in part why that 4th rep you went backwards with your hip so much.
    5) Push your knees out hard as you descend

    See how you back feels in the next session during warm-ups while focusing on the above.
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