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    This is my first post on the forum, i apologise if i didn't put something in that i should've


    I'm posting this formcheck because i felt some bicep pain on my left arm on the last set on my squat. I previously had the same kind of pain twice on my right arm and i guessed it was because i was loading my arms too much. I've been doing the program for about 7 months (had to take a break after the 4th and 6th month because of corona) but i got back to the gym about 2 weeks ago and everything was going smoothly until the last set of 80kg/175lbs squats. I want to know if the problem is somehow related to my form/arm position. I was even thinking to switch to high-bar squats, but i would like to continue doing low-bar. If the form is good i would have to guess that the pain came from a session before where i tried to go for a PR in power clean and couldn't catch the bar in the right position resulting in a slight feeling of pain in my left bicep that went away 5-10 minutes after. The set below was an extra set that i did after my workout:

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    Your left arm has a notably bent wrist and both elbows are a bit high. You are likely jamming your wrist forward into the bar and aggravating your biceps under all that tension. Wrists should be straight and elbows down in the setup. Think of your arms as just laying on the bar and not driving up into it.
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