Knees sliding forward, Squat Knees sliding forward, Squat

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    My squats are feeling strong and tight pretty much 1-2 inches above the depth that i am hitting, when i go "into the hole" my knees slide forward, heels lift up just slightly and i feel like a lose a looot of force from that position. That's something i am noticing. Bar path seems crooked AF

    Also insight on depth could be useful since i plan to compete in powerliting.

    Side view -
    Side view - YouTube

    45 degree view -
    Front View - YouTube

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    Try and get a bit more lean over at the hips to start the reps. For the 45 view it looked like you were a bit too deep and thus loosing tension from that. Side view depth looks good, but you are sliding froward a bit in the bottom. After you reach halfway down, think about reaching back with your butt to keep from shifting forward. The additional lean over from the start with help make that feel balanced.
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    Thanks. Still a bit inconsistent with depth, trying to get it barely legal, i will try these tips on monday, next heavy squat session.


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