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    Iíve been trying to slow down my decent and set my back angle earlier in the squat. I have a long torso relative to legs. My main issue is keeping the bar over mid foot. I have a problem letting the bar get forward of the mid foot when things get hard. I lightened the weight a bit to work on my movement pattern. I was getting in the habit of being too vertical on my heavier sets. Any advice or cues are greatly appreciated.

    Hereís 270x5

    270x5 Squat - YouTube

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    As noted, you need to lean over a touch more at the start. You can try tempo squats where you go super slow on the way down. Also paused squats in the bottom to train what the lean should feel like.
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    Is it possible that the position of the bar is a little bit high? Cause it looks like it to me, that would explain the difficulty in leaning over and also the rolling plates when he gets up

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    The bar position is fine.


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