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Thread: 490x2x1 Pull - Rocking hips back

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    Default 490x2x1 Pull - Rocking hips back

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    Just to clarify, I tried this just for fun because I thought my warm-ups were going well in terms of minimizing rocking my hips back; I just wanted to know if I could tighten my back correctly with this weight. I definitely bailed on the third rep here. I am going back down to 470x5x1 and I plan to work my way back up. I know that I let my hips go down too much on the first rep, but is my hip movement acceptable on this second rep? I realized that I only started rocking back after I adopted a narrower stance and a narrower grip. I'm thinking that I couldn't tighten my back adequately with artificially longer legs due to my narrow stance with about 3-4 inches between the heels. Now that I am using a wider stance with about 6 inches between my heels, I definitely feel that I can rock back less and still get my back tight. Do you think I might want to go an inch or 2 wider with my stance here? Alternatively, do you think the answer to my issue with rocking back is solely just for me to keep my hips up more? Or do you think I should do both? Anything else that you see?


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    I just commented on your original thread. Sorry it got buried. You just need to practice not letting your hips drop. The back squeeze needs to just be your erectors - the muscles you would use if you lay on your belly and just lifted your chest off the ground. Go slow, and squeeze your chest up letting nothing else move.
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