Squat form check (Success?) Squat form check (Success?)

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Thread: Squat form check (Success?)

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    Previous thread -
    Knees sliding forward, Squat

    I had issues with
    1) Knees always sliding forward in the hole
    2) Totally losing tightness at the bottom
    3) Kinda crooked bar path as a result of all of this

    Coach Hayden recommended me to lean over a little bit and push my butt back before initiating the squat to prevent the knee slide, along with this i widened my stance just a bit, all of the issues seem to be fixed. Squats haven't felt this good since pandemic. As far as i can tell, no form breakdown around 85%?? Is it alright now?

    Side view of the top set
    315x4@7.5RPE (Side view) - YouTube

    Front view of some back down work
    (I know i shouldn't be walking the weight forward, it was just for the vid)
    Some back off work for front view - YouTube

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    Shove your knees out harder
    Ryan Arnold
    Crossfit Solace


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