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    I am now learning the technique (went throught the 3 step learning method of the lift).How is it looks?
    Power clean 42.5 kg form chack - YouTube
    And I have also a question: Shrugh can be useful cue here in the Power clean? right?
    Because before i started to thinking about shruginng the bar with the jump, I did what is called :ARM PULLS.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Have you read the book? Read it again. It's all in there.

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    Iím not an SSC but to me it looks like youíre reverse curling the bar to your shoulders. Jump straight up with straight arms and legs from the jumping position. When you hit the top of the jump unlock your elbows and jam them forward to rack the bar on your shoulders. By the time your feet stomp the floor the bar should be racked on your shoulders in a simultaneous motion.


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