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    Hi there. First time I post.

    Going through my LP. I initially thought I could not do low bar due to awful shoulder flexibility, but I have stopped doing high bar and gradually been overcoming the discomfort. Preempting you may say elbows could be lower and my wrists are well extended but thatís a consequence of said low flexibility.

    Hope it is deep enough and Iím bending over enough as well.

    Any other thoughts most welcome

    From the back
    Squat 80kg back 29/10/2020 - YouTube

    From the side
    Squat 80kg side 29/10/2020 - YouTube

    Before you ask, the fibreboard sheet Iím standing over is because the rubber mat is a bit soft, which kind of the defeats the purpose of the shoes.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would widen the stance a little. Probably need a new board. Depth and back angle are good. Get a bigger breath and breathe between every rep. Also film from rear 45 next time as per sticky
    Ryan Arnold
    Crossfit Solace

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    Brilliant. Much obliged.


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