Squat 265x5, final set Squat 265x5, final set

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Thread: Squat 265x5, final set

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    Posted this once before, but I think my session timed out.

    Any advice on my squat technique would be greatly appreciated. I cannot figure this lift out.

    Set starts at around 1:11 and I forgot to turn camera off afterward. Not sure why YouTube made the video quality so bad.

    FullSizeRender - YouTube

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    You need a bit more lean over and need to cut off some depth. Aim for just below parallel. Also, try and hold the tightness in your abs (bear down on them, don't puff your ribs up) so your back doesn't arch on the way down. Your stance might also be a bit too narrow, but I can't exactly tell given the obstruction.
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    Thanks I try that out. Iíll film my next one from a better angle. The posts on those racks are damn 4x4s


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