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    I'm coming back from a 1 week lay off due to gyms closing. Press PR was 56,5kg. Started back from 50kg on monday and did 52,5kg today. I have been stuck with these numbers for quite some time, I only increased my press by 6,5kg in almost 8 weeks, even with my bw going up (started on september at about 80-81kg, I'm now 84kg).
    I know there are issues to fix and I've tried on my own but apperently I cannot give myself the right cues, so I would appreciate if you guys could take a look at it!

    Today's press
    Press - 52,5kg - 6.11.20 - YouTube

    Press PR on October 23rd
    Press - 56,5kg - 3rd set - 23.10.20 - YouTube

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    Today's PR looks pretty good. Your abs could be a bit tighter (bear down more as if about to be punched in the gut - a belt would help too). Also, your elbows seem angled out to the sides a bit - try and keep them in so forearms are vertical. Also, on some of the reps when you do your hip reach your arms and the bar drops down a lot. Keep the tightness of the setup so you don't lose the bounce.
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