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    Interested to know if there are any glaring problems with my DL form. Main problem currently for me is an extreme sensation of blacking out during the eccentric phase (lowering) of the deadlift.

    Link: DeadliftFC - YouTube

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    This is not the ideal angle to film from. Please see the sticky. Likely your shins are too vertical in the setup/hips too high. Get the bar over mid foot and shins will be angled forward a bit. The (I believe) 4" belt is probably working against you. Try a 3" and you might be able to get a better squeeze. If you are having black out issues at the top, try taking another breath there before returning the bar back down. You can also return the bar to the ground a bit faster and as you do so let your knees bend a bit along the way down (you are staying straight legged on the return here).
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