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    Hi there

    Grateful for any advice on form.

    I tweaked my back a couple of months ago, on the 5th rep of a 125kg DL, so have been gradually starting again.

    The board Iím standing on is to compensate for the rather compressible rubber mat underneath

    Deadlift 112kg 11/11/2020 - YouTube

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    1. Take a grip 1 finger wider so you can get your knees pushed out to the side a bit in the setup.
    2. You never actually get a finished setup. You are wiggling and then start to pull. Get your setup dialed in with hips a bit lower (knees flush with the front of your arms) then pause, then move to squeezing your back.
    3. Spend a solid couple of seconds squeezing your back flat after the setup without letting your hips drop. Think chest up with hips frozen in place.
    4. Don't let go of the bar in the middle of a set.
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    Thanks a lot! Plenty to work on!


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