Squat form check 120kg and 110kg Squat form check 120kg and 110kg

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Thread: Squat form check 120kg and 110kg

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    Default Squat form check 120kg and 110kg

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    Last week I did a 120kg squat for the first time.
    Experienced fatique in my lower back and decided to lower the weight to 110kg so I have more control and can focus on keeping my lower back under tension.
    Due to the fatique in my lower back I could not finish my deadlift, could feel my back the next 48 hours.
    Think I struggle with buttwink and a bit of good morning.

    120kg squat
    110kg squat

    Am I right to address the lower back tension?
    Are there more issues I need to address?
    Also struggle with pain in my left shoulder since a couple of weeks and pain in my low back/hip for multiple years for which I have been treated by a PT to make it manageable.

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    Please do not type the words "butt wink" on these forums. All future posts containing these words will be deleted.

    “Butt Wink” | Mark Rippetoe

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    Back is too vertical which is pushing your knees too far forward.

    To see this in the video,

    1) pause when you are in the bottom
    2) pause again when you are just above parallel on the ascent

    in 2), where you think you are "goodmornining", is actually the position where your back angle and knee position puts the bar over mid foot, which is why your body naturally goes there otherwise you would fall forward or backward before completing the rep. You will see your hips and knees slide backwards as you start your ascent.

    Try to achieve the back angle and knee position in 2) early in the descent, and hold it through the entire rep.

    Also you will see your knees caving in. KNEES OUT!

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    Thank you for your replies!

    This morning I tried to correct my back angle on 110kg.
    110 kg squat back angle correction last set

    I notice the following:
    - Lower back still feels fatigued but less than the 120 kg set
    - Knees shoot forward sometimes when Im reaching the lowest point, dont know if this is an issue.
    - Bar moves forward in the ascent, will focus on upper back thightness and not looking down.

    Is the fatigue normal because with this angle the load shifts my spine to my lower back or is this an unhealthy sign?
    Are there more issues with this last set?

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    Leave your toes where they are and bring your heels closer together.
    Get a grip where the bar is lower in the palm and you can keep the wrists more neutral. You're shoving the bar up your back with the heel of your hand in the bottom.


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