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Thread: Slight knee wobble in squat

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    Hi all - I have been increasing my weight over the last few weeks steadily but have noticed some knee pain in recent squat lifts. I decided to film myself from behind and it appears my knees have a bit of wobble both on the way up and down. I always keep it in my head to force my knees out which I think is causing the wobble as my knees try to cave in. Is this something I simply need to put less weight on until I can do it with better form and reset my progress?

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    This is not a great angle (see the sticky). You might be more stable with a slightly narrower stance, but...two big things to fix are how you are not leaning over enough to get the bar over midfoot and how you are also going too deep in the bottom. Both of these can leak power and make you feel unstable, which could be translating to the knee wobble. I would fix those first and then see how things look.
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    Thanks for the feedback coach. Sorry for the angle, I thought it did a good job of illustrating the wobble better. I will work on forward lean and not going too deep in my next session, and get it with a better angle. I will also tinker with my stance.


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