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    Hope the angle is right, best I could do in the space. First deadlift after reading the books. Opinions? Thanks in advance.iCloud

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    Hey Steven

    Your stance is wider than it needs to be. Bring your heels in an inch on both sides and make sure the toe are out about 20 degrees to make room for your abz.
    You're setup way too close to the bar and these are more stiff-legged deadlifts. Back up away from the bar by at least another half inch. This will give the shins more of an angle and help get the quads involved.
    Step 4™ (setting the back) should be it's own separate step before the pull. Lift the chest up, "squeezing" the back into extension and getting all of the slack out of the bar and your arms.
    Check out the deadlift videos we have on our YouTube channel as well, if you haven't yet.
    I was debating whether to give you crap for your finger shoes at the beginning or end of this feedback. You should light them on fire. Unless you're secretly a ninja. In which case, forget I said anything.
    Work on that stuff for a couple sessions and post up another video in this thread.

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    I was gonna say, the lifts are on their way, should be here this week. Thanks eh!


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