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    5í8Ē 200lbs 19 years old. Iíve been having a issue with maintaining a stable back angle in the ascent of my squat. On my last rep as I am driving my ass up the bar stops going up and shifts forward of my mid foot. I then have to grind through it and it feels like hell. This has been a persistent issue with the last reps of my heavy sets lately. When things get hard the bar always shifts forward. I have a relatively long torso to leg ratio. Iíve been cueing chest up as I come out of the hole so it doesnít turn into a total good morning. This has helped some but it it still a persistent issue. Any cues or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Bar looks high when you re-rack it, but I don't know if you took it out that way or it rolled up on you in the middle of the set.
    Double check and make sure the bar is low enough to begin with. Check out Nick D's video on our YouTube about bar position.
    Then, get your upper back tight before each rep so the bar is less likely to move around on you.
    Squatting right up against a wall is tough for some people because of the eye gaze and its affect on balance.
    You can also cut the depth off a bit.
    Also, post a set of 5 next time per the sticky. 2 reps isn't always enough.


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