Squat form check - slight knee pain Squat form check - slight knee pain

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Thread: Squat form check - slight knee pain

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    Hi Coaches,
    I had a bit of pain while breaking parallel during my last workout. I put on my knee sleeves after the first set, and the pain went away.
    However, can you spot some form errors that might be causing this? Link squat form check - YouTube
    I might be leaning over a bit less than I was earlier, that was mainly because I found that right after the bounce, I used to get stuck with a very low back angle and that felt very scary. This does happen in the last rep in this video as well. I am not sure if this is due to fatigue (since it only happens at the end of a set) or due to a form error.

    Thanks for all your help, and have a happy new year 2021

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    You have some knee slide as you hit the bottom of the squat. As you said, you need to keep the correct back angle and bend over - otherwise you'll knee slide more.

    I think your feet need to be a half inch wider, but I'm not positive.


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