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    NLP started 9/2/20

    Just started using a belt, seems like I can get my back into extension with the belt. It's probably my fat belly and thighs combo

    With belt
    Deadlift 330# with belt - YouTube

    No belt

    ...well still uploading I'll add when it's done

    I know I'm a candidate for some weight loss measures at 5'10"/ 350#, but I wanted to get my squat and deadlift up over 400# before I played the skinny game

    Any help is appreciated

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    Please film so we can see your whole body - and a little in front of the bar so we can see stance/grip etc. But from this angle I can still tell you are not locking out at the top. Stand all the way up. Knees and hips in full extension. You are also rushing the squeeze part. Set your shins. Get your breath. Squeeze your chest up/back flat. Then pull. You are doing it all at once which will produce inconsistencies from rep to rep. Rep #5 was the best in this regard
    Ryan Arnold
    Crossfit Solace

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    Copy ryan

    Copy Rip
    My fault I read the required reading after I posted. Won't happen again. Deadlifts tomorrow I'll get the angles requested


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