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Thread: Bench form check - triceps tendonitis

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    Default Bench form check - triceps tendonitis

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    After not benching for 2 months, I have completed 2 bench sessions and my triceps tendonitis is back with a vengeance. Since I didn't have any pain low bar squatting before I reintroduced bench, I think it's coming from the bench and not the squat?
    bench 1/4/21 - YouTube
    I would appreciate any form tips!

    Since I started the program in June, I've had a sharp pain just above my elbow, on the lateral side, and duller "muscle pull" pain at the triceps attachment in my armpit area. In September, I did something extra bad to my triceps - I think a muscle pull, with sharp pain in the middle of my triceps.
    A massage therapist told me my pecs were too tight, and I quit benching. After a month of high bar squatting and aggressive stretching, foam rolling pecs, etc, I was able to return to low bar squatting pain free. 2 weeks ago I reintroduced the bench. Now everything hurts again. I can't get into low bar squat position and it wakes me up at night.

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    This may not be the cause of your tendonitis, but I would start here:

    1) Try taking a finger wider grip. Your forearms are a bit angled in at the bottom.
    2) You are bringing the bar down too fast. It's causing you to have poor control and lose tightness on the way up.
    3) Focus on pushing the bar back to your shoulders sooner (some reps are going away or up too much with not enough back). #2 will help with this.

    I would work on the above with lighter weight for a bit and then see where things are at.
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