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    I'm relatively new to this and want to make sure I'm on the right track.
    Stats 40 years old, 5' 8", 170lbs


    Squat (2 angles)

    Deadlift (sorry for the less than ideal framing)

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    BP: Lock out your arms before bringing the bar over your face. Make sure you bring it over your face all the way to your shoulders. When you start to push the bar up it is generally going up too much with not enough "back" to your shoulders. Think "back" as soon as you touch. Try and hold your breath until the rep is completely done. Also, be careful not to pull your shoulder blades off the bench as you lockout.

    SQ: You need a bit more lean at the start. Bar seems to be rolling up on your back a bit as you approach the bottom. Keep it pulled down into position and your upper back straight. Depth on the side view set seems a touch too deep.

    DL: You aren't holding the squeeze as you pull. Squeeze your back super flat while pulling the slack out of the bar and hold this tension as you stand up. Keep the bar pressed into your chins as you pull and pull by first pushing the floor away (not by lifting your chest which will swing the bar away from you). I would also minimize time between reps as much as possible: keep hands on the bar. You might also want to remove your ring. And make sure to pause on the ground between each rep to breathe and resqueeze (you did 2 reps in a row at one point).
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    Gloves should not be worn. They effectively increase the diameter of the bar and create a layer of slop that is interfering with your relationship with the bar.

    There is an exception to this rule but it involves buying a matching purse.

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    If you are going to bench without a spotter, please (1) adjust the safety arms so that they will keep the bar off you if you drop it, (2) position yourself so that the rep is done above (not in front of) the safety arms and (3) do not collar the weights. (Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, p. 172, #5 and #6) See also this recent article and video on bench press safety:

    When You Bench Press - How to Set the Safety Pins | Mark Rippetoe

    Squats Are Hard But the Bench Will Kill You! | Carl Raghavan

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    If your flexibility allows it bring your hands in narrower. Squeeze your chest and back, brace harder, don't pause at the bottom, rebound off of the bottom and drive your hips up while keeping your back tight.


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