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Thread: Help with squat grip

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    Sit back more as you get to the bottom. You're getting a little knee slide here.

    Also, your upper back needs to be tighter the entire set. A closer grip will help if you can fight for that extra inch or two.

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    Looks to me about the same amount of knee slide, did work a bit with a TUBOW but still focusing on the grip so much I'm just letting everything else slide (no pun intended) for now.

    New bar, new markings, forgot to measure but it should be 81cm and I had my pinky on the marking, so got a tad under an inch narrower on both sides with the grip, slowly getting more stretchy. The busted elbow needs to be a bit higher now, this is about the lowest it can be without the shooting pain with this grip width. This grip width helped with the pressure against the thumb side though, which is what I sorta figured it would do.

    With this grip width I get some discomfort on the left elbow too. It's fixed with a slight "elbows up", with the left elbow it's very slight but noticeable:

    Comparison to the previous last work set just before the first rep:
    My delts are giving a bit more support now?

    Work set 3, 97.5kg:
    Sharegrip(1) - YouTube

    Did a 5kg/10lb jump 'cos I can't seem to remember what I had on the bar the last time.

    Any comments on the grip? Or in general?

    I'll try to integrate the TUBOW with all of the sets next time.

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