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    Hello Starting Strength comunity!

    As Ive just discovered that my squat isnt below parallel and Im working on it, I figured it would be a good idea to check my press too, because Im having too much of a duning-kruger effect after reading the blue book (I thought I knew and understood what I really dont).

    How is my press?

    This was my last set. I realised that I lost balance on the last rep, the 4th one was hard and then the 5th set me off.

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    1 - keep your eyes open and ideally pick a spot on the wall in front of you and keep them there. Otherwise the loss of balance on the 5th rep could have gone much worse.
    2 - eliminate the backwards hip movement. hips only reach forward
    3 - stand up straight and tall in the rack position, you are slouching backwards
    4 - get these done faster. one big breath at the bottom, maybe two tops, then on to the next rep. same with lockout at top. once you shrug and extend come right back down
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    while opening your eyes,
    also open your mouth,
    looks like you're holding your valsava at your mouth / lips,
    hold your valsava with open lips

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    Here are some of my initial thoughts on this thread my dude...First, I think this is super relevant. Coaching Tip for the Start of The Press with Nick Delgadillo - YouTube

    Also this Coaching Tip for the Start of The Press with Nick Delgadillo - YouTube

    I would like to see your setup and see if you are setting your grip properly.

    2 cues I would give. 1) Squeeze your elbows in tighter, rest them on your ribs/lats (this could also tie into if your grip width is correct). 2) Your hip's not supposed to be a windup/hips back and then drive them need to brace, squeeze abs, quads, gluts and then drive everything forward into that tightness, then when those tight elbows bounce off of your ribs/lats you use that momentum to ride the bar over your head.

    Here is one of my presses for reference, not my best but it was okay. press 185 last single of 7 - YouTube

    Hope this helps.


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