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    I was encouraged by an SSC to put up some form check videos while I am doing a reset to make sure I am not artificially stunting my NLP with poor form. I apologize for the tight video angles, I am working in a tightly packed shitty garage gym. If I need to reshoot these, I will do so. I tried several times to upload the video directly to the site but it would work, so I just uploaded it to youtube.

    BENCH - YouTube

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    Your grip is a bit too narrow. Widen so that your forearms are vertical in the bottom position. You are also bring the bar to your chest rather fast. Slow it down a touch so that you have more control. Remember also that the bar path start with the bar over the shoulders, then touches lower on your chest, and then goes *back* to the shoulders. Finally, don't lock out the reps so aggressively as you can pull your shoulder blades off the bench, losing your tightness if you do.
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