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Thread: DL form check 115kg

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    Cool DL form check 115kg

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    Haven't had my deadlift looked at in a long while, 115kg:

    dl 115 - YouTube

    Any tips?

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    Back up from the bar a hair and set up on midfoot. Your shins are almost vertical and you're pulling from your heels. Pull in shoes so you have a reference point to line up against the bar.
    Widen you grip a couple fingers and push your knees out more.
    Go faster. The longer you hang out, bent over, thinking about how much it sucks, the worse it's going to be.

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    Haha, thanks coach, I'm actually more like "this is fucking awesome" while catching my breath :-)

    Have been pulling with shoes mostly, stopped using them a couple weeks back, will slap them back on and see where I get with these adjustments


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