Squat, Press, Power Clean form check Squat, Press, Power Clean form check

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Thread: Squat, Press, Power Clean form check

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    Default Squat, Press, Power Clean form check

    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    • starting strength seminar june 2021
    • starting strength seminar august 2021
    Squat - 193lb - 87.5kg - Squat - 25 Jan 2021 - YouTube
    • Apologies for cutting off my backside, will have to rejig that camera position
    • Felt okay going up. Very much feel the fatigue in my lower back, despite knees tracking beyond the toes (reducing the moment arm in the hips, increasing the moment arm in the knees)

    Press - 100lb - 45kg - Press - 25 Jan 2021 - YouTube
    • Felt pretty good about this
    • Still unsure about where to start the press. Feels like having the elbows too low creates a very difficult task. I assume the humerus should be perpendicular to the trunk at the bottom of the lift.
    • This is tracking well enough right now. When I begin to fail with the press, I get the sense that doing 5 sets of 3 will allow me to progress, as reps 4 and 5 are much harder than 1 - 3. Is that a useful approach?

    Power Clean

    Many thanks as always for any feedback you might have.

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    Guess you didn't make the cut for film school.
    I'll do your power clean.
    You have the bar too far forward and too much angle with the shins at the start. It's why you're jumping forward and chasing the bar. Same setup as the deadlift, with higher hips and the bar over midfoot.

    For the squat, don't hang your head off your shoulders. Get your chest up and elbows down a bit so you have a nice, rigid upper back. The lean over is so you can also reach your hips back away from your feet as you approach at the bottom. Knees forward and out at the start, at the same time reach your ass back to the wall behind you.

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    Thanks Pete, appreciated.

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    Commenting on your press, but you need to be tighter, slam your hips forward and when you rebound back feel the bar bouncing up. Try this a few times with the empty bar, maybe wear a belt to push against to really emphasise. As the bar goes up shrug hard at the top to lock out.


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