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    Hi all
    Haven't had a deadlift form check since January.
    I have corrected a few things myself, but not sure what to focus on now.

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    Please read the sticky on how to film your lifts.
    I'd also have you rewatch the instructional video on the setup for each rep. Your hips are too high and after the first rep you stop bringing your shins to the bar, so you're basically doing stiff legged deadlifts. You're also not setting your back at all. Check out the 5 steps video as a refresher.

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    Thanks Pete
    Previously I was told my hips were too low, and I thought my hip position was now ok.
    I find it difficult to know where hips need to be.
    Recently I have been getting pain at the top of my hamstrings near my glutes after deadlifts and now I know why.


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