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Thread: Breathing during the OHP

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    I'm convinced that breathing at the top of the OHP is better -- for me -- than breathing at the bottom (rack position) to keep my back tight. Even so, after I get the first two up, then take a quick/tight breath, my next rep will not be nearly as well executed. I am AOK with holding my breath for all 5 reps on the bench press, but cannot convince myself to do it on the OHP due to how lightheaded I feel.

    I am curious if anyone is able to (or even tries) to hold the same breath for a heavy set of five on the OHP? If not, do you breath after every rep, or after two or three?

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    I also breathe at the top, after trying it both ways for several weeks back when. The most I ever go on one breath is 3 reps, and only on lighter sets of 5 or 8. After that I breathe before each subsequent rep. On my heavy sets I only do 1 or possibly 2 reps on the same breath. Pushing it further with a loaded barbell that close to your face is stupid.


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