Beginner lifter 2 months in - squat form check Beginner lifter 2 months in - squat form check

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Thread: Beginner lifter 2 months in - squat form check

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    Default Beginner lifter 2 months in - squat form check

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    I used the tips in particular narrower stance but toes more pointed out, bar lower on back, feel stretch in hamstrings and bounce up out of hole, feel all 3 pressure points on feet not on heels, bar on lower peg on rack, thumbless grip

    The one thing is a lot of people said to look down but I started falling forward a bit more, do I really have to do it since I see some lifters but more with high bar look straight ahead, if I have to I definitely will

    And I know still a lot of work to do which Iím going to work hard at. Squats are very unnatural for me due to my longer femurs and short torso and are my worst lift by far.

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    You're not gripping the bar correctly, your wrists should be straight but they are completely bent here. Check out the squat tutorial on the SS youtube channel or one of their videos on the grip in the squat, it will be easier to understand a visual example than my most likely poor attempt at trying to explain it with words.

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    Bar is too low on your back. The mirror is not helping you. Once you fix the bar position, bend over.

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    Satch is right about the bar position. It's too low. Watch this and get it up right below the spine of the shoulder blades. Where to Put the Bar for the Squat with Nick Delgadillo - YouTube or Nailing the Bar Position on the Squat with Phil Meggers - YouTube

    Gotta get deeper on the last couple. The whole set needs to be below parallel.

    Get your eyes down and lean over more as you start.


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