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    Default End of August Form Check

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    Age: 32
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 85 kg

    Squat (90 kg):

    Press (39 kg):

    Deadlift (122 kg):

    Previous Form Check:
    Training Day 5 - Squat and Deadlift Form Checks

    I didn't make any progress in terms of weight increases on my lifts during the month of July, but I have gained 1015 kg in terms of bodyweight since June. I stalled on my third week, which was an obvious red flag that I wasn't doing something right. I dropped the weights down, worked on technique, and focused on developing better eating and sleeping habits. I kept the weights the same for a couple of weeks afterward, while I waited for microplates. At the end of July, my "starting" weights were the following:

    Deadlift: 90 kg
    Squat: 60 kg
    Bench Press: 45 kg
    Press: 30 kg

    I have made steady progress throughout the month of August, which I consider more of a starting month than July. Also, I did not record my bench press or power clean, because both are too low in weight to justify a form check, i.e., I started the bench press too low and am still learning the power clean. I will have gotten these two lifts to a challenging weight within a week or so, but will most likely wait until the end of September to have my form checked.

    Any advice or criticism is welcome.

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    I'll do your squat.

    Widen your stance so your heels are under your shoulders and cut your depth off a couple inches higher than you think you need to. You're going way too deep. Lean over a little sooner. Get a belt ASAP. These moved fast. You have a while before you need to change from 2.5kg jumps.

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    Hi Jegral.

    1- Widen your stance a little.
    2- Cut your depth off a little. These are too deep.

    1- Need to be much more aggressive with getting the hips forward. Fw hip motion is non-existent. Think "hips to the wall."
    2- Keep your shoulders still. You move them back slightly before pressing. All of your movement at the start needs to be initiated by pushing your hip joints forward hard and fast.
    3- Keep your head in it's normal place. You're pushing it forward at lockout which isn't necessary.

    1- Keep the bar over your mid-foot each rep. 1st rep is ok. The rest start slightly behind it. If you look close you can see the bar roll forward a little at the start of each rep.
    2- After the 1st rep, you start setting up with your weight forward a little bit and then rock back a little more each time as the bar leaves the floor. Keep your weight over your whole foot.
    3- Drop your focal point down a little. To a spot on the ground about 10' to 15' out.
    4- Lockouts are a little soft. Finish with a little more authority.

    Hope this helps!


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