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    Seeking comments on squat form.
    43 Year Old Male
    6'2", 185 lb
    NLP for 1 month
    Started at 215# and worked up to 250# on the squat, but form was terrible and depth was suspect.
    I dropped 10% back to 225# and focused on form. The video below is the third work out after the de-load, 3rd work set @ 235#.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    235 x 5, 3rd work set - YouTube

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    Everyone take note of the basic info provided for this form check. This is an example of helpful stuff that keeps us from having to Sherlock Holmes the shit outta stuff if we have questions.

    Narrow your stance a little.
    Your biggest issue is you've learned to squat on your heels. You can see the more vertical shin angle and you're not getting as pronounced a hip drive because to you're not on midfoot.
    Get your knees forward at the same time as the hips go back. Or better yet, think about sending the knees forward and out first, then sending the hips back. This will usually clean up the timing and get you in the right spot. Then, just stay in your hips longer out of the bottom and emphasize the hip drive.


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