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    Default Squat form check please

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    3rd set of 120 kg.

    Tried to get the recommended angle but I'm in a pretty small room so any further back and I'd filming through the window. That's as far back as I can get, I hope it's useful.

    Had a sore left elbow afterwards which persisted about a day that I've never had before, definitely not either epicondyle, it felt deep, vague and uncomfortable on extension my elbow into full extension. It felt like there was something physically caught between my ulna and humerus. It's not a concerning issue and it only lasted a day afterwards but I was curious if it's something obvious grip related.


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    Yes you need to get your wrists straight, not curled over the bar like they are. Narrow your stance so your heels are at shoulder width

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    Yeah, I agree with Ryan. Your knees look to be caving in, but I would say narrowing your stance might take care of that situation. As for your camera angle, the distance is fine, but if you can lower it a bit that would make things easier to see. Hip height is a good rule of thumb for squats.


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