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Thread: Press 3.0 and headaches

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    I get mild headaches from doing the press 3.0, usually a few hours after the workout. It used to be worse, but now I leave my mouth a bit open, which has helped but not completely solved the problem. Particularly on heavy last reps, I feel pressure in my head and can hear the blood and my heart beat heavily in my head/ears. I get the heart beat/blood rushing in my ears from heavy squats too, but those don't give me a headache. Should I be concerned? I've been doing this awhile and am still alive.

    Here is the 2nd set of a 5x5 from today at 80kg. I'm 6'0, 29, and 205 lbs.


    Maybe I should only do the 3.0 once a week on intensity days?

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    Leave your mouth all the way open and see if that helps.


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