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    Default Fixing my squats: session 3

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    I've slept 5H, really bad.
    Worst deadlift to date, 220kg for one instead of favhe.
    Impossible to get that thing up when 217.5kg went up no problem last week.
    Go figure.
    Back wound still open, I had to do high bar squats.
    I've still tried to apply the instructions bellow.
    I've added inputs from IPB (3 and 4) and Jovan (16).
    Thanks IPB for this detail (3) that I did not see at all and cannot explain.
    Anyway, it should be mostly fixed now.
    Sorry for the « music » in the videos.

    Id                            Instruction                                         Source
    --                            -----------                                         ------
    1   Top.           Bar.       Low bar squat position.                             Video from Nick Delgadillo & A bunch of guys.
    2   Top.           Grip.      Narrowest grip possible.                            Same video, same Rip.
    3   Top.           Grip.      Grip is centered.                                   IPB.
    4   Top.           Legs.      Must be straigth.                                   IPB.   
    5   Top.           Wrists.    Wrists are straigth.                                Video from a younger Rip (2012 millésime .
    6   Top.           Wrists.    All of the thumbs are over the bar.                 Same video, same Rip & an other one.
    7   Top.           Elbows.    Elbows up….                                         Same video, same Rip & The youngest Rip so far.
    8   Top.           Elbows.    …but not too much.                                  A more recent Rip millésime. & A very recent Rip millésime.
    9   Top.           Wrists.    Neither wrists or hands are not under the bar.      Same video, same Rip.
    10  Top.           Elbows.    Elbows are not under the bar.                       Same video, same Rip.
    11  Top.           Chest.     The chest is up.                                    Ray Gillenwater.
    12  Top.           Grip.      « Jack the bar fooooorward ».                       Same video, same Rip.
    13  Top.           Stance.    The stance is about shoulder width.                 Older Rip, better microphone.
    14  Top.           Toes.      Toes are pointed out about 30°.                     Same video, same Rip.
    15  Top → Bottom.  Hips.      Hips move straigth back as you initiate decent.     Adam Fangman.
    16  Top → Bottom.  Hips.      Move the ass back, not the chest down and forward,  Jovan Dragisic.     
                                  bend over by allowing your body to track the 
                                  movement of your ass, not the other way around.  
    17  Top → Bottom.  Bar path.  Master Cue.                                         CJ Gotcher.
    18  Top → Bottom.  Knees.     No knees movement after a 1/3 of mvmnt.             Nick Delgadillo.
    19  Bottom.        Back.      The back is inclined at about 45°.                  Same video, same Rip.
    20  Bottom.        Back.      The back is as flat as you can get it.              Same video, same Rip.
    21  Bottom.        Back.      Eyes are looking down at the floor.                 Same video, same Rip.
    22  Bottom.        Knees.     Shove your knees out.                               Same video, same Rip.
    23  Bottom.        Knees.     Knees are on a parallel line with the feet.         Same video, same Rip.
    24  Bottom.        Knees.     Knees are just a little in front of the feet.       Same video, same Rip.
    high bar squats, 90°, 140kg, 5 reps
    high bar squats, 45°, 140kg, 5 reps

    Lets check which instruction I could not follow.

    Low bar squat position                         : Obviously no.
    Wrists are straigth                            : It appears to be much better, but not consistent enough.
    I need to keep squatting light and slow and focusing on the wrists.
    I hope drilling these things high bar will not make things harder when going low bar again.
    We will see…

    If you have better ideas, please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Don't post your training log shit in this forum. That's not what it is for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Don't post your training log shit in this forum. That's not what it is for.
    I thought it would have been valuable to measure just how long it takes to get from my initial squats to "Textbook Squats".
    That's why I've put details and efforts in these posts.
    This pattern must be common: train by yourself with the books, learn less than perfect squats, unlearn it, learn it again.
    It took me already weeks and an injury.
    Finding an online coach would have probably been much more efficient.
    Your house, your rules: won't post my log shit there again.


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