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    I'm not a coach, but you're dropping your hips at the start and it's kicking the bar forward. You could shove your knees out a little more when you set up, too. There is an article on that somewhere. Finally, as you approach lockout, you're letting the elbow on your supine arm unlock and doing a little hitch to get the bar all the way to the top. Don't do that.

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    Matt is correct. Additionally, everything needs to be more slow and deliberate. When you do the shins/breath/squeeze all at once everything gets herky jerky and things happen like hip dropping and kicking the bar forward. Review the 5 step setup from the Blue Book and follow it exactly. Stance. Grip. Shins to the bar. Then get your breath. Then SLOWLY squeeze your chest up as you flatten your back. Pull up with your arms so they are long and straight, squeezing every last bit of slack out of the bar. Then push the floor away with your feet, dragging it up your shins


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