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    I'm wanting a form check. I feel like everything is good, but am questioning my knee placement a bit. I cue myself (as best I can during the lift) knees out, stay in the hips, but find my knees appear a bit forward I think. I feel like I've got enough hip flexion in the movement and I don't feel knee pain, but I want to keep problems from arising. I've got no complaints or reason to shift up what I'm doing at the moment, and I've reviewed the book and other form checks. I think I'm good, but want feedback in case there is something I'm missing.

    The linked videos are from my most recent session: 330x5x3

    First Set
    330lbs (Set 1 of 3) - YouTube

    Last Set (I didn't record for the second set)
    330lbs final set - YouTube

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    Overall solid. Some reps you do lift your chest so continue to cue yourself to stay in the hips. You want to make sure the hips and knees break at the same time. So get the knees bending a little sooner(your hips are going first, then the knees)

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    Thanks Coach. Feedback appreciated.


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