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    Hi everyone,

    I posted a squat form check a week ago, got told that I was not hitting depth. I reduced the weight by 10 percent and recorded the sets:
    2nd set squat 145kg/ 320 lbs, side view : 2nd set squat, 145kg, side view - YouTube
    3rd set squat 145kg/ 320 lbs, normal view : 3rd set squat 145 kg - YouTube

    I believe I have fixed the depth issue, I would really appreciate a general form check,

    General info:
    Male, age 23, height 191 cm/ 6 feet 3 inches, bodyweight: 122 kg/ 269 lbs. Been doing Novice Linear Progression for 9 months.
    Weights used for NLP (sets of 5): Squat 320 lbs, Deadlift 408 lbs, Bench Press 300 lbs, OHP 187 lbs, Power Clean 160 lbs

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    Depth is much better. You have fixed that

    You need to shove your knees out HARD at the bottom. They want to come in on you on the way out of the hole.

    You're still lifting your chest a little early. Shove your hips straight up once you're at the bottom.

    Look at the second set and see what your knees are doing at the bottom of rep 1, then compare that to rep 5.

    Rep 1 is good; but your knees come abruptly forward when you get to the bottom of rep five. You can see this gradual breakdown over the course of the set. You are relaxing a little at the bottom. You need to stay tight the whole time.

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    On the side view one, the first few are too deep. Inconsistent on most of it. Squeeze your abs really tightly and do not relax your abs or back to hit depth.

    How many resets have you done? If you've been doing LP for 9 months, then mathematically, you should be squatting like 630 if you started with the empty bar.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have struggled with technique on squats since the beginning. I have pretty much experienced every form error that's on the book. I have also had all the common squat injuries (elbows, knees, lower back). But I believe I'm getting closer to performing a correct squat.


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