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    Hello, all.

    80lb Press Form Check - YouTube

    62, 311lbs, 22y/o, Male

    Here is a video of me pressing 80lbs this morning. I know this is incredibly weak for my size/age, and my sleep and other recovery factors are on point. I am resting 8 minutes between sets. This leads me to believe that I have some technique issues. I am still getting used to the rebound movement described in the book. Any feedback is much appreciated!

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    You're pretty loose in your legs, and on top of that you're initiating the hip movement by going back, then forward. See how you rock all the way back on your heels? After you walk the bar out, lock your knees by contracting your quads as hard as you can. Then, drive the hips forward--only forward-- and press on the rebound. You may not get a lot of forward hip movement at first but that's ok, as long as you're tight and driving the hips against that tightness.

    Lifting shoes would help with stability too. And try to spend less time between reps. The longer you hold the barbell in your hand the more fatigue builds up. Don't worry about the number on the bar right now, just make sure that you are adding weight to it every workout and not missing reps.

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    stef just posted something right up your alley,
    I don't think your timing is correct with the hip thrust / rebound, and your start of the press,
    watch the vid,
    How to Fix Your Hips in the Press | Byron Johnston


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