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Thread: Deadlift not coming down centered

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    Default Deadlift not coming down centered

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    Hi - of course I know a video would be more helpful, but for now a question. I read the book, website, watched the YT videos. Think my deadlift is following all the cues and steps. For some reason, as I've gotten into the 420s for 1x5, when I put the weight down it seems to shift to my right. In other words, I am all square at the setup, lift it up just fine, hit every step of the SS method, but when I come down the weight seems shifted a inch or two to my right. I maintain both my grip and foot position, meaning the center of the barbell is to the right of the middle of my body. Any advice on what might be causing this or if it is a reason to worry? Progress has been great lately and I havent let it affect me. I have thought about resetting my feet to be square with the bar center, but never did that. Mostly just pull the 2,3,4,5 reps from askew and it seems fine. Any advice?

    I am right handed fwiw.

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    1. Are you using an alternate grip? Which side is supine?
    2. Have you got a short leg?


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